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DMZ+JSADemilitarized Zone + Joint Security Area

The itinerary of this all-day combination tour includes every location in the Panmunjeom and Infiltration Tunnel tours.

  • Passport required. Some nationalities restricted.
  • Tour must be reserved and Passport ID/Numbers received at least 48 hours in advance.
  • All tour itineraries are subject to change or cancellation on the day due to unforeseen circumstances.

[Detailed Itinerary]
Hotel→ID Check at Unification Bridge→Slide show and Briefing at Camp Bonifas→Joint Security Area→Freedom House→Conference Room→UN Guard Post3→Bridge of no Return→Imjingak Park→Lunch→Imjingak Park→The Unification Bridge→ID Check→DMZ Theater & Exhibition hall→The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel→Dora Observatory→Dorasan station→Amethyst Center→Drop-off in Itaewon

Morning Tour (1)Palace Tour

This short but action-packed tour gives you an authentic introduction to Korean history, architecture, traditions, and culture. It is the most comprehensive tour for new arrivals in Korea.

  • The Royal Guard changing ceremony
  • Jogye TempleThe one Pillar Gate, Jogye Temple, the Center of Zen Buddhism in Korea
  • Gyeongbok PalaceThe 1st Royal Palace Built By the Joseon Dynasty
[Detailed Itinerary]
Hotel→Jogye Temple→The Royal Guard Changing Ceremony→Gyeongbok Palace (Deoksu Palace on Tue)→The National Folk Museum→Pass by the Presidential Blue House→Amethyst or Ginseng Center→Drop-off in Itaewon

Morning Tour (2)Korean Cultural Experience Tour

Visit a region where traditional Korean architecture has been preserved, and walk in a village containing Korea’s nicest traditional homes.

  • Changdeok PalaceOne of the 5 grand palaces built by the king of Joseon Dynasty
  • Bukchon Hanok VillageA place where traditional Korean-style building is preserved as it is.
  • Lotte Department Store
[Detailed Itinerary]
Hotel→Changdeok Palace→Bukchon Hanok Village→Amethyst or Ginseng Center→Drop off at Lotte Department store, Duty Free Shop or Itaewon

Afternoon Tour (1)Korean Cultural Insight Tour

Visit the palace where Korea’s last king and last princesses lived and died. Check out the “Secret Garden” too. Then it’s onto Insadong and Namdaemun Market.

  • Secret GardenKorea’s last king and Korea’s last princesses lived and died. (Changdeok palace)
  • InsadongKorean antique shops, art galleries, souvenir shopping, and restaurant
  • Namdaemun MarketKorean traditional market
[Detailed Itinerary]
Hotel→Changdeok Palace→Amethyst or Ginseong Center→Insadong→Namdaemun Market→Hotel

Afternoon Tour (2)Korean Folk Village Tour

An open-air museum, living history, filming location of period dramas: it must be the Korean Folk Village in Yongin.

  • Korean Folk VillageThe Korean Folk Village is home to numerous collections of Korean cultural artifacts, providing an opportunity to learn the Korean culture.
[Detailed Itinerary]
Hotel→Korean Folk Village (Traditional Performance, Traditional Houses, Market, etc.)→Amethyst or Ginseng Center→Hotel

Evening Tour (1)Special City Night Tour

When the sun goes down, head up Mt. Namsan to see traditional noblemen's houses, and then to the top of N Seoul Tower. From there you can see the bustling shopper’s paradise, Myeongdong, and the reborn stream that flows once again through the heart of Seoul.

  • Cheonggye StreamOriginally the flowing lifeblood of Seoul, this stream was once paved over and turned into a road for decades. Now restored and a beautiful place to stroll.
  • N Seoul Tower
  • Myeongdong
[Detailed Itinerary]
Hotel→Namsan Hanok Village→N Seoul Tower→Myeongdong (Department Store, Duty Free Shop, Food Court, etc.) →Cheonggye Stream→Hotel

Evening Tour (2)Romantic Night Cruise Tour

From the highest building in Korea seeing the sights to riding a cruise going around the Han River. This tour will show you some of the best views of Korea.

  • Romantic Night Cruise Tour
[Detailed Itinerary]
Hotel→63CITY→Han River Cruise→Pass by the MBC Yeouido Broadcating Station→Pass by the National Assembly building→Hotel

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